Ratte Macchiato!
Ice Cream Cones for Lunch

I had the most delicious coconut ice cream with white chocolate chips for lunch. And for desert I had Bacio (chocolate w/ choco chips). It had a slightly bitter taste to it. Very much appreciated.

Some of my fans on Facebook even think, I am now supposed to be called a Former Coffee Addict. Beatrix W. even proposed I should change my very name to Ratte Gelato! Oh no, I won’t do that!

Now I’m so worked up, I need to have another Ice Cream Cone.

Soo Slooow..


Little rodent me is at the university, bashing buttons on a computer keyboard made by a fruity company. Turns out the machine is a little outdated, and hopping on the keys one after another is not going to be fast anyway.

Something is interfering with my Cyberpathy superpower, you know? I can’t seem to interface directly with the university WiFi. Probably this is due to the lack of coffee in my system.. I can’t build up enough Bioelectric Charges with my whiskers.


There must be a solution to this. Maybe I should fetch myself another computer. My keeper is kinda irritated right now, because he thought he would have a better work environment here.. Well, anyways: I’ll cheer him up with a chococcino and afterwards, we’ll switch the workstation. Those pesky Power Macs (G5) are really outdated.

Me hopes you enjoy reading my daily recollection. There is only so much I can do, to entertain my fans haha.



Table of the Elemental Powers

Take your pick…


Common Sense

my favourite super power. sadly I don’t have it ;)


Common Sense

my favourite super power. sadly I don’t have it ;)

Risus RPG: Karma Dice

So here I am again, with a note I thieved out of zydake’s pocket.

He talks about the Karma mechanic. Something that will make you scream, well, at least it made me scream. It’s all about how you encourage players to play out their hooks, to stick to whatever challenges they pick for themselves. Sometimes, if they fail (on their own volition, without you telling them) you as the Referee/GameMaster should give them something in return.

A reward for being the underdog. For being challenged.

I present thee:


You gain 1 Karma Die whenever you do something that will be to your character’s detriment. Like you have a challenge about not liking peppermint. Nobody should care about it, right? And as long as you don’t get into situations, where it’s relevant, you gain nothing from this challenge. If you are required to taste the Queen’s Most Favourite Peppermint Stew, it shows, this challenge can be quite a pain in the A… - and worth a Karma reward!

The more of a problem a challenge is, the more Karma you’ll receive. Sounds good? It is. Up to 3 dice can be harvested from a single challenge, but it should be quite devastating for a whooping 3 Karma Dice to be gained. You can store a maximum of 5 Karma Dice.

Anyway: What can you do with them? You can add them similarly to the Boost type-clichés. Meaning: on every roll, you can choose to take a few Karma Dice away from your pool, roll them, and add the result to a regular cliché die roll. Great! And you know: As long as the Boost dice show 1s, you get to keep em. So they aren’t wasted if they are no good.

Tell me how you like it!

PS: You should come up with good challenges at the beginning of the game. They will help define your character. Also you don’t gain anything in advance for picking a challenge (unlike the Hook/Tale-Rule!). This way you can ensure that a nice combination of challenges is picked, and no min-maxing occurs; since the players are rewarded after playing out the challenge. And as long it’s no challenge, they get nothing! Personally, I don’t use Hook/Tale anyway.

Screaming? I hope so! 

PPS: My master is a game designer and came up with this idea for his diceless roleplaying game system called Karmic Storytelling System (~Legends of Umar). You can find the page on facebook, but there’s still no good document out there.


These are my new ratties, Skylar and Slothbear. Both boys. They’re shy, but they’re warming up.

They look like my brother Toppoccino. Sweet!


These are my new ratties, Skylar and Slothbear. Both boys. They’re shy, but they’re warming up.

They look like my brother Toppoccino. Sweet!

Risus ePub Available Now


Even though it ends up being 78 pages on my iPod Touch, it is much easier to read than the PDF file (plus, it’s kind of cool to flip though the pages).

The file is available from the Risus mailgroup or from Risusiverse.

My keeper @zydake installed it on his iPod. Didn’t have a time to check it out though. Yay!


(via tabielectric)

My friends from Pokémon Black/White


(via tabielectric)

My friends from Pokémon Black/White

If I had caramel macchiato after taste for the rest of life, I would be okay with that.
Risus RPG Cliché Dicerolling

I thought I give my master a muffin, for doing a little Game Design Thinking. He came up with some ideas that I want to share with fellow Risus enthusiasts. It’s still not tested though.

Every cliché, regardless of scope and naming, can be used in challenges. But every cliché could have another different dimension to it. Yes, it probably is a little more complicated, and that’s exactly the reason why it’s an optional rule.

Cliché Types

  • Strike: Roll the dice, 6s can be rerolled and added (default)
  • Charge: Roll the dice, 6s add a bonus die for the whole challenge
  • Luck: Roll the dice, may reroll any number of dice, but lose them afterwards for the rest of the challenge
  • Boost: Roll any number of Boost dice to add the result instantly to another roll; lose used dice, except 1s

Very interested to receive feedback! Also note that the new default rolling method is more powerful (since now there are critical strikes).

As a little example, my personal profile.

Ratte Macchiato
Bioelectric Rodent 3 [Charge]
Rat Ninja 3 [Luck]
Coffee Addict 3 [Boom]
Netrunning Cyberpath 1 [Strike]

Having Coffee Addict as Boom-Type Cliché makes it a little more useful. Now I can call upon the power of the mighty caffeine to give me a little edge when using Bioelectric Rodent.

EDIT: Added some formatting and an example using my cyberpathic superpowers ;)